March 1, 2017

Day One 


In 2017 March MATness I want to show you how to layer your exercises. Layering is valuable as both a student and a teacher. It allows you to be set up for success. You can take any Mat exercise and proceed to the next "layer" or you can continue with the one you're on. At some point, challenge yourself to move forward. You can always go back - you just won't want to. 

Intention: warming it all up, increasing circulation, oxygenating the blood, preparing the body for the next 33 exercises. 🔥

Layer 1: Feet flat, knees bent - Perfect for those who have a hard time keeping their legs extended, have back issues or are still working on building core strength.

Layer 2: Tabletop - Perfect for those who are ready to move on the next level, can keep pelvis neutral but aren’t quite ready for the full legs extended versions. 


Layer 3: Full Hundreds - in all their glory.

Pump Hard. No wussy arms here. The arms help increase the ‘heat’ we are looking for and provi...

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February 24, 2017

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