December 29, 2018

Starting on January 6, we’ll be adding a new mat class to our schedule at Core: Sundays at 9 a.m. Olivia will be teaching, and it’ll be a great chance for those of you who can’t make our weekday mat classes (Tuesdays at 9 a.m. with Holly and Thursdays at 9 a.m. with Petra) to give another form of Pilates a try.

We know: You don’t think mat is quite as fun as reformer. Plus, it’s harder—without the reformer’s support, you’re on your own, reliant on nothing but your muscles for 50 minutes of mat work. But if want to progress your Pilates practice, a class a week on the mat will lead to improvement across every apparatus. Here are some of the greatest benefits of mat class:

You’ll improve your core strength. This goes back to that concept of Control. Between your carriage foot straps, handles, shoulder blocks and footbar, the reformer supports you more than you realize, and without its help, mat class can often feel like it’s just you and your deep core muscles against the world. 


September 4, 2017

Back to School, Back to the Studio

Now that the Summer is (unofficially) over why not set aside some of those Summer reading books for a good cause? Join us as we support Open Books through a month long book drive!

Simply bring your donation to the studio and place them in the bin. Be sure to write your name on our clipboard so we can give you a $5 studio credit for your donation. Thats it!

Wondering what you can donate? Here you go: 

Open Books welcomes any sellable book in good condition. This includes fiction, nonfiction, craft books, cookbooks, children’s books, and more! They also accept LPs, CDs, and DVDs in good playable condition. Please make sure books are from a smoke-free environment!

NOT accepted: encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauruses, sets of law books, magazines / journals, VHS tapes, or pre-college (K-12) textbooks

May 30, 2017

*Ouch* coming back from taking time off is always tough. Modifying exercises and allowing your body to ease back into your workouts is always the best course of actions. Have some patience with yourself and you'll be back where you left off in no time. 

I love using the springs to "help" when it's needed as opposed to making things harder. Facing the opposite direction allows the spring to help you roll up into a teaser position. Great for stretching the lumbar spine too! 

March 1, 2017

Day One 


In 2017 March MATness I want to show you how to layer your exercises. Layering is valuable as both a student and a teacher. It allows you to be set up for success. You can take any Mat exercise and proceed to the next "layer" or you can continue with the one you're on. At some point, challenge yourself to move forward. You can always go back - you just won't want to. 

Intention: warming it all up, increasing circulation, oxygenating the blood, preparing the body for the next 33 exercises. 🔥

Layer 1: Feet flat, knees bent - Perfect for those who have a hard time keeping their legs extended, have back issues or are still working on building core strength.

Layer 2: Tabletop - Perfect for those who are ready to move on the next level, can keep pelvis neutral but aren’t quite ready for the full legs extended versions. 


Layer 3: Full Hundreds - in all their glory.

Pump Hard. No wussy arms here. The arms help increase the ‘heat’ we are looking for and provi...

February 24, 2017

Ahhh, our favorite time of year is finally here again!

What is March MATness?

Originally created by Benjamin Degenhardt, every March we pay homage to the foundational work via sharing our versions (and love!) for the original 34 on social media. My favorite part of March MATness is it's lack of competitive spirit - yes lack of! There's no competition for "Best Pilates Exercise". Instead we celebrate everyones journey through the 34 and relish in the fact that each day, month and year maybe we get a little better. Our leg gets a little straighter, we roll up a little smoother, and hold the legs a little higher. 

"What is unique about the campaign is that for one month, the community pays respect to the traditional Mat exercises as documented by Joseph Pilates in his book Return to Life through Contrology. It’s an artful practice of 34 bodyweight movements that are invigorating and effective in conditioning the body."

-- Benjamin Degenhardt

Bringing us to the most important part: How do...

August 8, 2016

There's something about starting the week off stretching out in the sunshine in the quiet of the studio. Before the hustle of the week sets in and things get inevitably crazy, it's essential for to find some quiet time to check in with my body and focus on calming my mind so I can methodically tackle whatever the day or week throws out. I encourage everyone to try to find even just a minute to assess what they want their intentions for the week to be. Then make the effort to stick to them!

August 7, 2016

We spend so much of our time slumped over our phones, desks, computers, and PokemonGo that it is incredibly important to make sure we spend just a few minutes each day moving our spine in different directions....extending, twisting, side bending, spiraling. Remember, "you're only as young as your spine". Plus it just feels good!

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March MATness Begins...

February 24, 2017

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