The Lab: A Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

A collaborative effort between Holly Swanson, Owner of Core Chicago Pilates and Jacquelyn Brennan, Owner of Pilates + Coffee. With combined 25 years of industry experience, we bring you a 500-hour Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program to set you on the path for a successful and fulfilling Pilates career. At the center of The Lab's philosophy is the idea that every teacher has their own teaching style, and we want to give you the foundation to start cultivating that style. 

Our PMA certified program will teach you the classical Pilates repertoire with the addition of specific modifications and variations to allow you teach all populations of clients. 

"A program that welcomes discussion, encourages creativity and promotes the idea that movement heals "

500 - Hour Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

Must be completed to be eligible to take the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Exam
  • History & Philosophy of Pilates 6 hours)
  • Professionalism/Scope of Practice & Ethics (7 hours)
  • Anatomy & Movement Principles (40 hours)
  • Mat Instructor training or equivalent- Includes Pre-Pilates & Stretching (30 hours)
  • Reformer Instructor training ~ Course work (44 Hours)
  • Cadillac/Tower ~ Course work (14 hours)
  • Chair ~ Course work (12 hours)
  • Ladder Barrel (12 Hours)
  • Magic Circle + Spine Corrector (10 hours)
  • 75 Personal practice hours, 115 Teaching hours, 75 Observation Hours. (We suggest 20 observation hours for each module)
  • Class Programming for Groups + Private Sessions (20 Hours)
  • Injuries + Special Populations including Peri-Natal and common injuries (15 Hours)
  • Study hours + Taking practical tests and written assessments (25 hours)
TOTAL: 500 Hours
Before being awarded a certificate of completion both a written and practical assessment will be administered. 

Course Dates Spring 2020


500-Hour Comprehensive Training

Mat I

(Includes History & Philosophy, Anatomy & Movement, Scope of Practice)

Feb 28th - Mar 1st 

Mat II + Spine Corrector

Mar 13th - 15th 

Reformer I

Mar 27th - 29th

Reformer II

Apr 17th - 19th

Cadillac/Tower + Magic Circle

May 2nd - 3rd

Chair + Ladder Barrel

May 16th - 17th