Why do I need to take Mat Class?

December 29, 2018

Starting on January 6, we’ll be adding a new mat class to our schedule at Core: Sundays at 9 a.m. Olivia will be teaching, and it’ll be a great chance for those of you who can’t make our weekday mat classes (Tuesdays at 9 a.m. with Holly and Thursdays at 9 a.m. with Petra) to give another form of Pilates a try.


We know: You don’t think mat is quite as fun as reformer. Plus, it’s harder—without the reformer’s support, you’re on your own, reliant on nothing but your muscles for 50 minutes of mat work. But if want to progress your Pilates practice, a class a week on the mat will lead to improvement across every apparatus. Here are some of the greatest benefits of mat class:


You’ll improve your core strength. This goes back to that concept of Control. Between your carriage foot straps, handles, shoulder blocks and footbar, the reformer supports you more than you realize, and without its help, mat class can often feel like it’s just you and your deep core muscles against the world. 


It’s a foundation for equipment work. Think back to your recent reformer classes. Has your teacher ever instructed you to “get into your rollover shape” or to “set up like you would for saw”? Odds are, she probably has—and if you don’t have a mat background, you probably responded with a blank stare. After just a few mat classes, those instructions will all make complete sense, and you’ll begin to see the connections and patterns that link your equipment work with the mat foundations. (And if you’ve taken tower classes, you might begin to notice that some of your teachers have snuck in some mat work there—without anyone realizing!)


Our teachers can help you ease into it. All of our teachers have extensive experience teaching both mat and equipment classes, and they are armed with dozens of modifications to help you as you begin your mat practice. Whether you need a trick to help release your hip flexors or some help with tight hamstrings, they have you covered.  


It’s a great bang for your buck. Pilates can be expensive. A single equipment class costs $40, whereas a mat class will set you back just $25. And for those of you on our unlimited plan, mat class is included.


See you on the Mat in 2019!



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